Hi I am building web products

A story of a quick death by corporation

No nipple is equal, but most importantly, male nipples are better. Being lucky owner of a pair, I am free to post bathroom selfies of my skinny torso anywhere and everywhere and nobody can stop me.

Female nipples on the other hand, are offensive. Even with their unique flexibility to…

A growing section of tips and tricks

30/70 Rule

There’s a rule called 30/70. It takes 30% of effort to deliver 70% finished product, and it takes remaining 70% of effort to deliver remaining 30% that will make it perfect.

When you’re investing in your own company on the other hand, developing…

You know what you want, you made sure as much it’s possible that your audience is interested. It’s time to talk to some developers!

Where to look


The first search might take you to an online marketplace for freelancers.

Marketplaces create unhealthy competition, where cheaper offers win. In best case scenario, an unexperienced freelancer makes an offer they cannot deliver, and you end up having to start again somewhere else. …


You have hardly any technical skills and you have to choose what technology will drive your product. How to go about this right? Don’t worry you don’t have to understand the technology, I will share how I sometimes choose new frameworks and how you can do some research yourself.

Hype alert!


Resource management

Entrepreneurship is about minimum resources, maximum results. There’s a beautiful entrepreneurial mindset for product development: Get your idea as simple and as fast out there, as you can.

The development usually takes more time than initially estimated, often twice or three times as much time. It’s because of what I…

Maté Gvo

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